Removing class authorship – considered as code cruft and completely redundant

Class ownership declared on top of the class is meaningless. It shall be considered as code cruft, completely redundant and removed.

A developer’s declaration of class authorship is left-over of ancient times, from the prehistoric internet era, before widespread of highly functional tools such as Git versioning system, complex IDEs and privately managed repositories.

Moreover, class authorship declarations do not fulfil any purpose, and they have no meaningful usage in the application code.

While declaring an author’s name in public repositories (such as frameworks and libraries) might fulfil the purpose of appreciating contribution or claiming ownership of IP or algorithm. However, most applications and project codes show that the code is thoroughly amended by various developers and contractors from different companies and is not developed by a single person or entity.

There is simply nothing that a single lookup into Git blame or Git class history in good IDE would not solve. Display class authorship for people who do not work on the application or are not part of development anymore has no valuable meaning in the code.

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