Simple example of TDD

In this simple article, I want to demonstrate the importance of Test Driven Development approach during the software development process.

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Story of one bad interview

We all have stories when the interview did not go according to our expectations. Either our performance was insufficient, or the other side was mean or cruel. I want to share the story of one such interview so that it might be a reminder for me in future and, hopefully, for somebody else, an excellent lecture a one didn’t need to pay for.

This article is a short story from a technical interview with a German tech company I conducted in the early summer of 2022. I will not name the company, but it was an early seed-stage startup focused on a particular niche of the finance market with a well-defined product and roughly 50 employees around the globe. I interviewed for a full-stack developer position.

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Removing class authorship – considered as code cruft and completely redundant

Class ownership declared on top of the class is meaningless. It shall be considered as code cruft, completely redundant and removed.

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Female developer interview

The working title of this article was “Honest feedback to female developer”.

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Custom Counter-Strike:Source map fy_salome for quick gun rounds

I have created my first map into the Counter-Strike: Source game. Let’s take a look at it.

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