Looking for junior PHP developer?

Hi, I am Andrej Buday! I am a junior web developer. This is my portfolio website showing the projects that I have been working on this year. I am looking for a position as a junior PHP developer. If you think I might me a suitable candidate for your company, please do not hesitate to come to me and I will be glad to give you a better insight about my background and skills. I am available to start asap.

Data Science curriculum

Data Science curriculum Preparing...

Problem: I would like to become a Data Scientist. There are many available online resources for studying. How to pick up the right one and guide through the material?

Solution: To track my progress I created table containing all available online Data Science curriculum and their comparison. It is possible to visualize progress and export it for further update.


Article Generator

Article Generator Preparing...

Problem: I am writing travel blog as hobby and I was looking for faster way how to write articles.

Solution: I created Article generator which generate standardized and unified article form. Article generator support few tweaks which improves overall quality and uniqueness of every generated article.

#PHP, #open-data, #Bootstrap

RSS reader RSS Reader

RSS reader

Problem: I was looking for an effective solution allowing me to read multiple RSS sources and in the same time highlighting articles containing specific keywords.

Solution: I developed a custom RSS Reader based upon PHP + MySQL and an open-source RSS parser Simple-Pie. The RSS Reader has some custom features that makes it unique from any other freely available solution.

#PHP, #MySQL, #JS, #Bootstrap, #OOP, #PDO, #open-source, #Simple-Pie

RSS Reader

Seed project Project Seed

Seed project

Problem: I was looking for fast way how to record and manage personal finances. I did not want to use any free service for security and scalability issue.

Solution: I chose to develop my own solution with custom user management as a part of learning PHP development. Later I decided to develop also a time tracking and bug reporting tool. Project Seed is currently a multiple user solution sharing single account.

#PHP, #MySQL, #JS, #Bootstrap, #user-management, #user-administration

Drivel Testing drivers

Tests for novice drivers

Problem: Improving the blog experience with tests for novice drivers.

Solution: Simple PHP + MySQL testing solution.

#PHP, #MySQL, #Bootstrap

Check the tests

1Searchform 1Searchform


Problem: I realized that searching through many travel portals for finding the cheaper air fare is very time consuming. I wanted to reduce repetitive form fill-up and thus cut the search time.

Solution: I have developed a single form that injects data into multiple search engine portals and cut time significantly.

#PHP, #JS, #Bootstrap


Jubi registration form Jubi registration form

Event sign up form

Problem: During my stay in Germany working as a European Volunteer at Jugendbildungsstätte Unterfranken I wanted to show my hosting organization what I am capable as web developer.

Solution: I designed a registration form for organizing events, to help my NGO to improve in terms of times and efficiency the way they organize non - profit events. Project is only small demo due limited time for build.

#PHP, #Bootstrap

Registration form


Portfolio Preparing...

Problem: I would like to demonstrate my coding skills.

Solution: I created my portfolio page.

#PHP, #Bootstrap


Software development


I am most experienced in PHP development; it is my language of choice. I build my own applications, hacks and programs based on PHP lanugage. I focus solely on PHP for last 2 years. I currently learn Laravel framework.

SQL & data

I like to work SQL databases and structured data. I have experience with programs such as IBM Cognos BI, Oracle Workbench, MS Access, phpMyAdmin, Adminer. I have experience with processing various data formats (XML, EXCEL, JSON, CSV).


I have experience with development and implementation of small jQuery plugins or simple JavaScript code.

HTML, CSS & WordPress

My first touch with web was at elementary HTML course in 2002. Since than I started making websites for me and my clients. It audited me to my first job in IBM. I have professional experience with markup languages (HTML, XHTML, HTML5), CSS (Bootstrap, Foundation, {less}, Sass) and graphic programs (Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw). I am able to create in WordPress any custom theme with various functionality.

Java & Python

My first touch with Java and Python began on the end of the year 2015.

Linux, OSX, Windows

I was Windows user until spring 2015 when I installed first time dual-boot with Ubuntu. Since start of the 2016 I am macOS user.

GIT & SVN Version

I love Git! I am using private GitLab installation for my projects. I used SVN during my work for IBM.


C, VHDL, Matlab experience during university studies. In 2015 I studied longer Ruby on Rails framework.


PHPStorm, Dreamweaver, Eclipse

Spoken languages

English language - C1 - active

English language is my working language. I use it daily in work and private life. I provided technical documentation translation services.

Slovak language - C2 - active - mother tongue

Slovak language is my mother tongue

Czech language - C1 - passive

Strong cultural influence since my youth.

German language - B2 - active

Between 2015 and 2016 I was for a year EVS volunteer in Unterfranken.

Dutch language - A1 - passive

In 2011 I lived half a year in the Netherlands. I took language course at Utrecht University and compulsory language course at TUDelft.

Driving licenses